Prevention and treatment of age-related diseases


Our Strategy

Klogenix has vast experience in Klotho therapeutics development. The company’s strategy includes development and sale of intellectual property assets and related consulting services.

Over 3,600 Klotho-related research papers have been published so far and they all point to the potential Klotho has in prevention and treatment of diseases, allowing us to live longer, healthy and active lives. Transgenic mice that overexpress Klotho live 30% longer and have approximately 50% higher Klotho levels than wild type mice. Such mice were used in some of the studies demonstrating the benefits of Klotho.

Achieving an increase in Klotho levels similar to that which is seen in the Klotho overexpressing transgenic mice, i.e. a “Klotho boost” beyond typical normal levels, is possible when using certain therapeutic modalities. However, with some other strategies the best we can probably expect is bringing Klotho levels back to where they normally were a few years earlier, i.e. “Klotho restoration”. The large target market of Klotho-related therapeutics is attracting increasing amounts of capital to the space and innovation is expected to continue at a high rate.

Different modalities for Klotho elevation are expected to be optimal for different conditions. Required route and frequency of administration, acute versus chronic treatment, feasibility of adjusting dose or stopping treatment if necessary, and economics are some of the considerations when choosing a Klotho based therapeutic development strategy.